Frequently Asked Question about Orange Beach Sailing Adventures

Q: Do I have to book trips in advance?

A: Reservations are required on all trips.  We book up fast during the spring & summer season so it is recommended that you call to book your trip several days (3-4) in advance or longer.  If you would like to sail today give us a call. We may be able to work you into the schedule due to cancelations or no shows (251-981-4127 but we cannot guarantee it.

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: People always bring different things, depending on the trip you take  See our Tours page for more information on specific trips.

Q: Is there any narration on the sail?

A: When you depart our yacht you will know a lot more about the local area than you did when you got on.  While our trips are not really narrated, you are welcome to ask questions about anything and everything.  Your captain will be sure to point out interesting things and wildlife throughout the trip.

Q: Is food served during the sail?

A: You are welcome to bring whatever you would like to eat or drink on board.

Q: Can I bring my own drinks and food aboard?

A: YES, you may bring whatever drinks and food aboard you like (you must share with the captain ;). We supply bottled water on all of our trips.  On our 8 hour trips you can bring your own lunch or we can provide it for you.

Q: Can I bring Beer, Wine, Champagne (alcoholic drinks)?

A: YES, you may bring alcoholic drinks aboard.  For sunset cruises we supply the glasses and opener for wine and champagne.

Q: What should I wear?

A: We suggest that you dress comfortably and weather appropriate. Keep in mind that it is usually 5-10 degrees cooler on the water.  On our 4 hour and 8 hour trips you also need to bring a swimming suit if you would like to swim. (or whatever you may be wearing).

Q: Is your yacht safe?

A: Absolutely! Irwin yachts are some of the best made boats out there, and we carry all safety equipment required and recommended by the United States Coast Guard.  We have safety flares, navigation equipment, backup systems, throw rings and more life jackets than passengers on our trips,  While you are not required to wear a life jacket (unless you are under the age of 8), we have several comfortable jackets to choose from if you like.

Q: Are any areas of the yacht covered or air conditioned?

A: While there are no parts of the boat that are air-conditioned, guests are more than welcome to go below deck or stay in the shade of the sails or in the large cockpit to keep out of the sun. There is covered seating on the top deck as well to keep us all out of the sun. The natural sea breeze provides our fan. Hats, sunglasses and sunscreen are recommended. Drink plenty of water on hot days to stay hydrated.

Q: Do we see dolphins and other sea life or birdlife?

A: Most of the time you will see plenty of sea life and birds. While we do not guarantee it, sightings often include dolphins, pelicans, and other local wildlife.

Q: Where does the sail finish?

A: Our sail will end at the Hudson Marina Dock, the same pier from which it departed.

Q: Is there a restroom on the boat?

A: Yes, the boat is equipped with 2 clean restrooms with showers if needed. It is called a "head" and it is different from a bathroom you would use on land. It is located down a stairway below decks. There are simple directions in the head or you can ask a crew member to explain!

Q: Are there any stops along the way?

A: Depending on the trip you are taking, we may stop for a swim or lunch.  During the 2 hour trips there are no stops. On the 4 hour trip we usually stop for a swim, and on the 8 hour trip we stop for a swim and lunch allowing you to walk the beach at Big Lagoon State Park in Florida.

Q: How fast does the boat go?

A: It depends on the wind, but it can go up to 7.5 knots.

Q: Can I stow anything during the sail

A: There is room below deck where you may store your belongings you have brought with you for the trip.

Q: Do you ever cancel sails due to bad weather?

A: We may cancel the activity up to an hour before the start time in the event of severe or unsafe weather conditions. If we cancel the event, customers will be allowed to reschedule their trip (subject to availability) or receive a full refund.

Q: What happens if it starts raining while we're on our sail?

A: Don't worry! Some of our most fun and memorable trips have taken place in less-than-perfect weather! If we're caught in a rain shower, you may go below to the main salon, or you may borrow one of our many rain ponchos.

Q: What happens if there isn't enough wind to sail?

A: Orange Beach enjoys an onshore breeze most days starting in late morning and, while we cannot guarantee the wind, the wind gods cooperate most days. Lack of wind means we reluctantly use the iron sail or motor sail.

Q: Is the yacht wheelchair accessible?

A: No, it is not wheelchair accessible. The yacht is boarded from a dock with a short gangway onto the main deck. This requires passengers to climb the entrance boarding stairs. Also, restroom facilities are below the main deck and require going down steep steps.

Q: Are pets allowed on board?

A: No. Due to the size of our yacht and the way the deck is designed pets would cause a safety concern aboard our trips.